Living Room Tour

I’m absolutely in love with the entire downstairs of my condo. It might be because it’s absolutely bright all day long (allowing me to take perfect photos, even at the end of the day!) or because it’s really the only part of the house that’s finished. Upstairs is still pretty much empty.

photo 1

When first walking in the front door, you’re confronted with my vintage washstand on the left and the stairs to the right. My soviet vintage wind clocks are displayed on top of a piece of my grand grandmother’s crochet. The chair is from one of the famous Cumberland Riverboats that sank. I recovered the seat cushion and changed the knobs on the washstand.

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Welcome Home


I bought a condo in South Nashville almost two months ago, thinking I’d simply need to do some painting and shampoo the carpets. Imagine my surprise then upon moving in, which I realized that the place was absolutely disgusting.

How bad could a beautiful condo in an upscale neighborhood be? The lady had dogs (as do I) but never took them outside. Instead she let them go to the bathroom ALL over the upstairs. I couldn’t even walk barefoot and the smell was horrible. There went $4500 to replace everything.

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