Welcome Home


I bought a condo in South Nashville almost two months ago, thinking I’d simply need to do some painting and shampoo the carpets. Imagine my surprise then upon moving in, which I realized that the place was absolutely disgusting.

How bad could a beautiful condo in an upscale neighborhood be? The lady had dogs (as do I) but never took them outside. Instead she let them go to the bathroom ALL over the upstairs. I couldn’t even walk barefoot and the smell was horrible. There went $4500 to replace everything.

Then the place itself looked like it had never been cleaned – it took all day for my dad to clean out the fridge (I couldn’t handle the gross myself). And a week to get the place livable  I’ve scrubbed down the inside and outside of cabinets (and still working on those), paid $400 to get the wood floors refinished and another $400 to clean out all of the trash, junk, and even dead mice, out of the garage.

My furniture didn’t arrive from London until about a month after I moved in, which gave me time to have the entire place repainted, as there were a lot of damage and scuff marks on the walls.

Needless to say, this house is almost completely different than the one I bought…and it’s mine, all mine. Going through my divorce has been tough, but it’s a good feeling to know I have a place to my own, where I don’t have to worry about what someone else thinks of my seashell chandelier (hung on the very front porch, thank you).

I’m looking forward to showing off my DIY projects, home and travels with you. See you on the flip side!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Home

    • No I took a look at the place before I made an offer, but I didn’t go through the appliances or cupboards. She had a lot of deodorizer in the carpet too, so it wasn’t until the movers removed her furniture and kicked up that smell and such. I don’t mind it now though, I love the place.

      • Ah, you were respecting her privacy! Well glad it worked out and you got the chance to show the condo love, thereby putting your stamp on it.

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