Living Room Tour

I’m absolutely in love with the entire downstairs of my condo. It might be because it’s absolutely bright all day long (allowing me to take perfect photos, even at the end of the day!) or because it’s really the only part of the house that’s finished. Upstairs is still pretty much empty.

photo 1

When first walking in the front door, you’re confronted with my vintage washstand on the left and the stairs to the right. My soviet vintage wind clocks are displayed on top of a piece of my grand grandmother’s crochet. The chair is from one of the famous Cumberland Riverboats that sank. I recovered the seat cushion and changed the knobs on the washstand.

photo 2

Stepping down from the foyer into the main living area is where most of my goodies are stored. I have a ton of vintage suitcases that I use all over for tables. My huge library filled with books and treasures from travel sit here as well. The starfish were brought by my parents from Gulf Shores. On top of the suitcases by the bookcase sits some vintage milk glass, antique spools and a replica of Napoleon’s gun. The globes have been collected from different shops and family.

photo 3

The entire living room is angled diagonally in front of the gas fireplace. The Chesterfield leather sofa is from England, the birds on the mantel were dug out of the dumpster. There’s seashells from different beaches I’ve visited, as well as a ton of vintage items from various places in Tennessee, England and Paris. The two chairs by the fireplace are family heirlooms and are dated 1896 on the wheels. And yes, that is a cardboard unicorn over the fireplace. His name is Earl.

photo 4

Anther view of the living room from the other side. I’ve got a bunch of maps of London and the Underground on the walls and the rug is from Pottery Barn.

photo 5

Under the stairs is a half bathroom. My favorite part of that room is the WWII knitting poster. Eventually there’s going to be thick horizontal dark grey stripes in there as well. The white cabinet is a vintage find from my mom which I repainted and on top sits some more vintage finds and shells from England.


The two best things in my home – my two pups. And a lovely cowhide rug from Ikea!

I’m still rearranging things constantly, but I think the living room will pretty much stay as is. Thanks for visiting!


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