Antiquing in Franklin

Historic Franklin is one of my favorite places in Tennessee because it reminds me of the beautiful England I left behind. Streets of beautiful Victorian, Civil War and older homes lead up to Main Street, which has a ton of fantastic shopping.

Little did I know until a recent Google search, is that there’s a lovely little pocket of vintage and antique shops, just a few short blocks away from Main Street. I had a lovely afternoon browsing all of them and thought I’d share some photos for you. You can park at just one of these shops and walk to the rest!

1. J.J. Ashley’s



125 South Margin Street

J.J’s doesn’t carry vintage or antique items, but has some really lovely home decor and furniture nonetheless.

2. Arbor Antique Mall



202 South Margin Street

Right across the street from J.J’s, this place was much larger than it first appeared, due to the house extending along the side of 2nd Ave. It’s a bit of maze, so watch out!

3. Scarlett Scales Antiques



212 South Margin Street

Smaller than the other shops, but cute anyways! This shop seemed to have a mix of the old and new.

4. Franklin Antique Mall



251 2nd Ave. South

Huge and I got lost TWICE in this place. I wish I had more time to throughly go through each stall. Plan to stay longer than 30 minutes here.

5. Vintage Candy Shop


I didn’t catch the name of the place, but it’s on the corner of 2nd Ave and South Margin Street, right next to J.J’s, you literally can’t miss this baby blue wonder. Get the blueberry cheesecake ice cream in a vanilla waffle cone. To. Die. For.

6. The Iron Gate

338 Main Street



OK not technically in the same area, but a short drive or long walk up to the historic Main Street, the Iron Gate is my favorite place to get decor inspiration, even if it is out of my price range. First of all, look at the setting: exposed brick walls, worn down wood floors and MASSIVE skylights. This shop has everything from fine French linen, to new decor, to old vintage worn out furniture. It’s a must see.

Have I missed any great places in Franklin? I love me some shopping, so please let me know!


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