Pretty New Things

I’ve been slowly acquiring lots of little pretty things and thought I’d share them with you!

photo 5

Went to Goodwill to look for cashmere sweaters and t-shirts for some craft projects and couldn’t pass up on this super cute Japanese kokeshi doll. She was only $1!


Had to pick up these beautiful hardback Penguins classics books. I’ve been on a major Austen kick lately and it’s awesome that I can display them out on my dresser.

photo 1 copy

Found these side tables on clearance from Target! I love their new Threshold line of home decor!

photo 1

I’ve gotten a ton of new wall art lately, I’m already running out of wall space! I found this knitting poster on Pinterest and had to track down the artist to get a copy. I’ll eventually get a frame for it, but for now, it’s just attached with blu tack.

photo 2 copy

Another awesome find from Target – love these modern stools and the pop of color they give to the room.

photo 2

A beautiful piece of wall art inspired by a musician I’m not familiar with, but as well all know, I get attached to anything British.

photo 3

This is from an  awesome print shop in downtown Nashville on Broadway called  Hatch Show Print. I saw it a few weeks back and left without buying it. After seeing it hung up somewhere after that, I had to go back for a copy.

photo 4

Nothing new here, but have been busy rearranging my mantel. Not sure if I’m happy with it or not.


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