Dining Room Tour

I know you’ve seen bits and pieces of the dining room over the last few posts – but I feel like I’ve finally got it in a finished enough state to fully show it off.

photo 1

My dining room is more of a space next to the open kitchen and dining room, but I tried to give it its own style so it stands out a bit. This room is the most formal of all my rooms, and is where I keep my fine china and teacup collection. The dining room set is from the 70’s I believe, and I recovered the ugly puke green cushions as soon as I got it a few years ago. The china cabinet and china within was a birthday gift from my mother a few years back. The plates on the wall are from  one of my favorite shops in London, called Utility, located next to Kings Cross Station.

photo 2

My tea cup collection started when my mom decided to hold a formal tea party for my bridal shower.The two cups on the bottom, and the three on the right top are all from palaces around England, and are fine bone china. We are not allowed to use those! But the others I break out when guests arrive. The tea cup holder was something I found cheap at an antique store and painted it bright white. The spaces on the ends are smaller than the ones in the center, so I’m not sure what’s supposed to go there.

photo 3

The beautiful china mom bought me. These are brought out during special occasions.

photo 4

My newest finds – a vintage embroidered table cloth, a jadeite cake stand, and a beautiful vessel created by an past college professor of mine.

And that’s it! It’s a small, but happy place to be, and in front of my french doors, so it gets tons of daylight during the day.


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