Master Bedroom Tour


I’ve finally gotten my master bedroom the way I like it – I’m still missing a bit of furniture, but I’m loving how open and bright everything else!

I just realized you can’t see the ceiling in any of these photos, but it’s a sunny yellow with a recessed area. I love having a yellow ceiling because it gives me a chance to wake up in a sunny mood every day! I’ve also got an entire wall of windows on the side (you can see a bit in the photo above) and a large screen TV mounted on the wall in front of the bed that I’m still working on sprucing up.

I recently invested in what I call “adult bed linens”. Mainly some expensive 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and a really lush duvet, new pillows and an awesome mattress. After staying in hotels so much with the most comfy beds ever, I decided I had to emulate it! The bed frame itself is an antique that I fell in love with off Craigslist.

The quilt at the end is just a placeholder – my hexagon quilt I’ve been sewing is going to go at the end of the bed, and my crochet quilt will cover the whole duvet (eventually). For now, I’m sticking with all white.

I went white on the walls (versus bright yellow on the ceilings) in order to keep the room light and airy no matter the time of day.


This is my little reading/crafting nook, where I can sit and relax and/or watch TV. The wingback chair was left by the previous homeowners at my last house. There’s various art on the walls, including some antique photos, prints and frames. The bookcase holds all my England related materials. An antique embroidered tablecloth is on top.


This tea cart was my grandmother’s and was the perfect height for the super tall bed! I found these jars of thread and yarn in an old antique shop and the lamps are from Target. The top most book is actually an iPhone stand and charger! The bunny is a plastic night light.


While I wasn’t wanting a tall dresser in my bed room, I found this spotted (cherry?) at my favorite antique store and knew I had to have it. The candles & stands are from Target and the books are the beautiful line of fabric covered Penguin classics – all Jane Austen! The owl bookends are from the Library of Congress in DC and the deer head is from one of my favorite shops in London, called Utility.


I feel prey to the revitalized trend of macramé, so I got this plant holder off Etsy. My cameras are a Polaroid SX-70 and a Lomography Diana+ Special. I haven’t had time to go out shooting since I moved back to the states though. The table is a beautiful (but wobbly) antique from the same store as the dresser. The metal plate is a quote from Breaking Bad I got from an artist in DC! The crochet pieces on the wall are actually coasters made by my best friend in London.

That’s it for now! I’m contemplating getting a long dresser or table for underneath the TV, and to possible knit an i-cord cover for the TV cable…more photos of that later!


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