Busy October Updates!


Isn’t this necklace the cutest? The lovely PoppyandFern made it for me based off my two pups! It’s my new favorite necklace.

October has been one busy month for me, in terms of house updates, work and travel, so I’ll jump right in to all of the updates! Please forgive the shoddy photos, I’ve had to take these at night or on a cloudy day.



I went antique shopping in East Nashville a couple weeks ago and found this fantastic Swedish dala horse. I’ve been wanting one for awhile, so I just had to pick him up. At one of the last stores in the area, I came across the beautiful German sheep skin that looks perfect on my sofa!


Yesterday, my family came over to help with a few home improvements (or what I call my “daddy-do” list) and one of them was to finally hang my antique crystal chandelier. It took me forever to remember how the crystals went. I originally wanted this over my bath tub, but it was too hard to put it in place of the current pot light, so I put it in the dining room instead, and am mighty happy I did so.jpeg-1

While daddy was taking care of his list, the boyfriend and I went out back to do some gardening. I have two dogs, so I decided to pull up all of the mulch and plant grass instead. Next spring I’ll put in a big tree for shade. Hoping some grass grows before winter hits, it’s just a big muddy patch right now!

I got to see one of my best friends from elementary school a couple weeks back. He’s being moved to another military base, but gave me this parting gift of a beautiful scroll he painted himself. I’ve always loved with his artwork and hung it next to my favorite chair in my bedroom.


I had the first fire of the season last week too! Temperatures dropped quick, down below freezing and it killed all of my plants outside! But I enjoy the cool air and laying on the couch with a good book, hot cocoa and a fire!

All of my travel plans for England have also been booked this month, and I’m looking forward to returning to my second home at the end of November. I’m planning on bringing back lots of quaint home goodies!


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