Fall Cleaning

photo 4

Cool weather means fall is officially here and it’s time for fall cleaning, landscaping and organizing! I’m OCD when it comes to being organized and actually stayed up till about 1am this morning moving things around so I could fall asleep with a clear mind. Yep, I’m a bit nuts.

I tore out all of the mulch in the backyard and planted grass so the puppies could have somewhere to lay out in the summer. I’ll be getting a nice shady maple to put back there too! Can’t wait to finally have a usable space.

I also found some cute stuff from Target for the guest bedroom. I loved this fox serving platter and ship lanterns – the lanterns were perfect for showing off some Edison bulbs! Target always has really beautifully designed pieces.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

And last, but not least…less than two weeks until I go back to London! Expect lots of photos as I’ll be visiting Edinburgh, Scotland and more Englishy places than London this time. (London is not very English at all!)


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