Happy New Year! Home Updates and New Years Goals

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone has their resolutions ready and will stick to them all! I know this year I’ve made several serious goals that I plan to accomplish –   for once I want to invest in myself!

There’s been several changes to the Weinberg household – most notably….a new baby! I got a Christmas puppy, an AKC Bichon Frise, who is the CUTEST puppy I’ve ever seen (see just that one ear sticking up???) This is the third dog to my household, officially making me the lonely dog lady. Oh well!



I promised in the last post that I’d share all my new British goodies with you, so let’s jump in! I picked up two of these lovely house plates (or small signs) from the mid 1800’s. Fell in love and got them for a great price at an antique store.IMG_4228


One of my favorite stores over there is Cath Kidston, and I made no less than three trips there. I picked up a new dress, some jammies, a knitting bag, and these lovely salt & pepper shakers. The jar is from the famous tea place Fortnum & Mason. It was filled with some nasty cheese, but I’d been eyeing the jar for years.


I then picked up this beautiful canvas map of England, that’s supposed to resemble an old 1800s traveller’s map. I didn’t like the way it looked just hanging there, so I added some dowels and twine to make it resemble a rollup. I still need to get those nasty wrinkles out though.


I also picked up some more bunting for the stairs – one can never have too much!


And a glass jar of real hot springs water from the Roman baths in Bath (where Jane Austen lived for a bit).


And a minimalist cuckoo clock from Muji, a cute Japanese store specializing in minimalist office supplies and other odds & ends.


Probably my most favorite buy of all is this naval Union Jack flag from WWII. Like, it was actually hanging on a ship that was fighting in the war. Now it’s home is above my roll-top desk in the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom still doesn’t have an official ‘theme’ to it, but is appearing more vintage nautical than anything else…apparently I’m going through a ship phase, as several rooms in the house pay homepage to massive ships and the sea!). Now I need to find a new place for my half-broken stained glass window….any ideas??


The rest of the stuff I bought was postcards, guidebooks, 2 more royalty tea cups, presents for friends and family and two posters. One of an exhibit I attended about paintings during Elizabeth I’s reign and the other, an AMAZING SIGNED POSTER FROM JUDE LAW HIMSELF!!!! He was playing Henry V in Shakespeare’s Henry V and I got a free ticket from a lovely fellow on Twitter. AMAZING I tell you. You can see them both on my new gallery wall in the upstairs hallway. Sorry for all the blurry photos – I seem to be a terrible photographer lately and the lighting isn’t great in this hallway…or perhaps I need something better than my iPhone.


Arranging this new gallery wall means I have an entire empty wall to fill up with more awesome stuff (yay) as I had previously thought I was out of room! Plus it looks a whole lot nicer than before.

The boyfriend rehung my office wall for me too, that was also bothering me. Loving it a whole lot more! Less busy on the eyes.


I found this amazing vintage Turkish kilim rug on eBay for only $150 and it the perfect size for the entryway.


I don’t usually do crafty updates on here (that’s for my Tumblr site), but take a look at this gorgeous Doctor Who inspired yarn! The one on the left is “Bowties are cool” and is self striping, the other is “Vincent and the Doctor”. I wanted the sparkly version of that one, but unfortunately it sold out before I could buy it.


I’ve also picked up my two year old shawl to try and finish – it’s made with laceweight yarn and is really, really difficult.


I’ve decided to make 12 ‘goals’ for 2014, I call them goals, not resolutions, because I’m actually make a plan to stick to them. I thought you’d guys would get a kick out of seeing them:

  1. Lose 30 pounds
  2. Don’t buy anymore yarn (use my stash)
  3. Don’t start anymore new projects until the current ones are finished (hence the shawl being worked on)
  4. Pay off credit card
  5. Save $10,000 for emergency fund (lost the entire fund at the beginning of 2013, ugh)
  6. Paint the stripes in the downstairs bathroom
  7. Wallpaper the laundry room
  8. See the doctor for 5 different ailments (keeping these ones a bit private)

Ok, so nothing *epic*, but things I’d be really happy to accomplish this year if I do nothing else. Fingers crossed!

Would really love to hear your goals. What are you planning on doing this year?


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