Craft Room & Office Tour

photo 1-1

I promise one of these days I’m going to get a proper camera again, that takes proper photos. Until then, you’ll have to be stuck looking at slightly grainy iPhone photos. Bah!

Anywho, I finally made progress on my office and craft room – at least enough to share with you guys! This is where I spend the majority of my days, either working at the computer desk, or using my new Thunderbolt (that’s 27″!!!) to watch some shows while I working on crafting. I’ve recently decided I wanted *out* of this room when I’m not actually doing client work – but it’s still the main spot for major crafts.

The first photo above is of my office looking in from the door. The wall color is close to the original one I had painted in my first house. There’s one tall window next to the printer/lamp table and one in the walk-in closet, which I keep open to let that light in. This is probably the darkest room of the house, but as you can see, it still stays pretty well lit. The whole theme of the office is “typography” which you’ll see reflected in all of the posters and accessories.

photo 2-1

This is the wall next to the main door – where I keep my sewing machine and related projects. That blanket you see is something I’ve been working on for over a year, but have put aside – I need to pick it back up soon! I have too many in progress projects. photo 3

My poor machine doesn’t get used enough…..I need to learn how to sew 2

A close up of my Marks & Spencers tins from England. I love these things!photo 5photo 1

My original craft table – where I do any cutting, knitting or anything that needs table space. The chair is a vintage dressing chair I recovered with some hedgehog fabric. Also the first puzzle I did in my new home (yarn of course) and my collection of yarn postcards.

photo 3-1

The window wall holds my giant Ikea cabinet with my entire yarn and fabric stash, as well as other craft materials. I’m surprised at how *empty* the bottom part really is.

photo 4

And the least fun part of this tour – my daily workspace. I like to keep minimal things on my desk because clutter drives me nuts and distracts me. I just replaced the seat cushion with an old one from outside because it was almost completely flat!

That’s it for now!


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