Bathroom Stripes & Orla Kiely!

Finally getting around to updating this blog! Between over-scheduling myself, spending time with the new (and lovely) boyfriend and taking care of house and home, I’ve had very little time for the extracurricular.

I did, however, FINALLY get the bathroom painted. It still needs a few touch ups and such, that I’m saving for a day when I have nothing to do (that’ll be never). But look how awesome it came out! I always leave this bathroom door open even though it’s in my living room, because I feel like it adds a lot of interest and texture now.

photo 3

My next major project is going to be completely redoing the laundry room. I’m trying to find the wallpaper I saw once and totally fell in love with – it was covered in line drawings of dogs. Anyone know where that was from??

In other news, I raided The Container Store and picked up some Orla Kiely pieces! I keep coming across her products and love them, but haven’t purchased until now.

photo 4


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