Backyard Warriors

I’ve been messing around with my backyard since last fall. When I first moved in, it was in need of some serious TLC. The whole backyard was mulched a year or two before and there was plenty of trash and weeds about. Plus lots of rocks and stepping stones that I hated it.

I first cleaned up the garden and killed the weeds. Then I decided I wanted it to be all grass for the dogs. After trying to grow grass all summer (and mostly succeeding), I decided that I did want some mulch after all – around the left side where the gas lines, AC unit and my flower bushes are. It’s been way too hard keeping that area cut and weeds away – plus we were risking cutting up the lines with the weedwacker.

So this weekend, I mapped out the back yard, drew a little curvy edge in front of the area I wanted to mulch, and went to Home Depot to pick up some concrete border bricks. I STILL haven’t gotten the fence fixed or a gate added – due to not being able to find someone who actually returns my calls. I sprayed the (newly grown, sigh) grass and weeds around the area that would be bricked in.


I’m hoping I can finally call this backyard done for now. I want to start saving up the funds to completely redo the kitchen next year. Next spring I’ll plant some gorgeous flowers in there to fill it up. And I still need a tree!!

Here’s a few peeks at what I’ve been up to around the inside of the house. Lots of things are changing because the boyfriend is slowing moving his stuff in over the next month. I’m a bit scared on where everything is going to go!


He wired up my curio cabinet to light up at night and did a terrific job – no wires are visible!


One can’t have too much bunting!

Till next time ❤


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