Guest Bedroom Makeover and a New Fence!

Boyfriend’s been busy moving in over the past month, and with him comes a lot of “stuff”. I was worried at first because I can be a bit OCD when it comes to organization and decorating, but I’m happy to say that things are going well. While he did end up getting rid of most of his furniture, he had a few really nice old pieces he wanted to keep, and I had just the space for them in the empty guest bedroom.


We ended up moving my bed into here, because his was bigger, and I finally got around to doing something with all those origami cranes I had bought from Etsy. The White Star Line banner was one we got from the Titanic Museum in Gatlinburg and will be going up by the hat (now scarf) stand in the corner. The hand sewn quilt was one I got for a steal when I first moved back to the US. If you look at the nightstand (the bf’s contribution), there’s a super cute letter-holding dachshund from Modcloth that’s currently displaying some of my black and white photos.


This area is my favorite! I moved my antique desk here and combined it with my art deco chair that I was using with one of my craft desks in the office. Sadly, I had to make room for the bf’s desk, so one of them had to go. I’ve been wanting a vintage schoolhouse clock for forever and finally sprung for one on Etsy.


My WWII Union Jack flag is currently serving as a cover for the boyfriend’s vintage dresser. Not sure if it’ll stay here or not, but I like it here for now. I got the awesome geometric glass plant holder from Urban Outfitters and the gorgeous air plant from Yarrow Acres in Franklin. The alpaca is made from real alpaca hair and was purchase by my grandma on an alpaca farm in Maine. The tin is from Orla Kiely.


I have framed puzzles all over the house, as well as several vintage suitcases. I’m using my cupcake holder to display some of my Bichon and Scotty dog collectibles.


I made these felt succulents from a tutorial in Mollie Makes – I’m so happy how they came out! They’re seated on an old cedar chest from the bf’s side of the family.


A view of the other side of the bed with the awesome vintage coat stand the bf brought over. You can also see my newly acquired Scotty salt & pepper shakes on the nightstands…they’re my third “display” set and I have a feeling are becoming a new collection for me (like I need any more!).


The view on the stair landing into the guest bedroom and office. Just wanted to show up these reclaimed wood letters I bought at Bliss Home on Franklin Pike.


In other happy house news, I *finally* got my fence completely replaced! It’s a lot higher and much, much better quality than the last one. It’s completely private and I finally have…..IMG_4892

…a gate! No more dragging dirt and rocks through the house into the garage!!!

I’ve also been a bit obsessed with list making and notebooks and have recently discovered Filofax making – I ordered a ton of stuff to make my own and will be talking about that as soon as they come in and I get everything together. I’m super excited!


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