A Organizational Obsession – Filofax & Paper Planners

I’ve long been obsessed with organizing and list making and lately I’ve been feeling that my old system just wasn’t working for me. I was using a combination of paper to-do lists and computer apps and felt like everything was too scattered and I was double booking myself and forgetting events.

Then I started seeing the word “filofax” and the cutest planners all over the Pinterest and Instagram. Finally, after ready a post on one of my favorite blogs, Claireabellemakes – I finally decided to spring for my own.


I purchased the large lilac Kikki.k planner because there had been several bloggers who had mentioned they’d had one and loved it. I *really* wanted the mint, but it seems they stopped selling it right before I went to purchase mine. It came in this past Monday and I’ve spent a bit of time getting it set up and customized.


I also bought several accessories for my planner including some cute inspiration cards, stickers, new dividers and some additional inserts. There’s some great items on Etsy and it’s easy to spend way too much money – but it’s your planner and you need it to be inspiring and work for you.


On opening the Kikki.k planner – you’re provided with tons of pockets and zipper areas to store stuff in. Right now I just have a couple of clips and bookmarks and an inspiration card. The first page you see on opening the planner is usually called the dashboard – it’s where you put items you most want to see, like a pressing to-do or shopping list. Right now, I just have some inspiration cards and pretties.


I removed most of the provided sections, because I didn’t see a use for them. The Kikki.k planner comes with both a month on two page and a week on two page schedule – but as I’m trying to have everything in one place, I thought using both would be confusing, so I”m only using the week on two page. I also removed the birthdays, contacts, anniversaries, etc – because most of that is taken care of online. The tabs I have right now are Schedule, Lists, Travel, Blogs, Knitting, Business Cards.


One of the first things I bought was new dividers – which I got in a vintage London design off of Etsy.

FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender-12

Here’s a view of this past week and next week. These page layouts actually came free with a bundle of “lists” inserts I bought off of Etsy. The Kikki.k planner doesn’t start until 2015, so they let me use the planner now. I actually loved this layout much better than the plain week view that came with the planner, so I’m hoping the seller will make a set for 2015.




Here’s one of the travel layouts – these were printable inserts (you print them yourselves) I purchased from Etsy. The illustration and quote come from a travel journal I was originally using. I bought the tab bookmarks from Office Depot and am using this one to mark my next trip.


The list section! I’ve got lists for accomplishments, bucket lists, to-dos, house to-dos, in the mail, current craft projects, and more I’m a total list machine.



Where I tape business cards and other info I want to keep, but not necessarily add to the contacts in my phone.


A section to write down blog ideas for both this site and my work portfolio.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-4

The knitting section where I keep important notes and loved ones’ measurements.


The back of the planner has another pocket that holds a nice note pad. The matching pen was a separate purchase, also from Kikki.k

FullSizeRender-7And of course, no filofax is complete without a charm! This one reflects my love or travel and reminds me to always make the most of my time.

So there are the most interesting parts! I’ve also got a personal info section and a card that will hold my 2015 goals. I’d love to see links to your filfofaxs!



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