Public Transport Reviews: Washington, DC

DC is definitely a walkable city, and a beautiful one at that! I tried not to take any underground transport until I was so tired I could fall over. There’s just too much to see, and if you’re staying downtown, the White House, Congress, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, etc are all within a nice brisk walk.

The Metro



DC’s Metro left a little to be desired…the stations were dark and depressing, the trains themselves were blah and the stations were way too far apart. (Especially when one’s walked 18,000 steps already!). What’s worse? The trains took FOREVER to arrive and were anything from 10-20 minutes apart each. Coming from Paris and London where trains were every 2-3 minutes – this was a bit frustrating. I understand DC is a bit smaller, but it’s no less busy! It was easy enough to navigate around, although I did take the wrong direction the first time. There aren’t a ton of stops or lines, so it’s not too confusing to find your way around.

Also, some of the stations felt….a little scary. I was staying on the outskirts of the small Chinatown and there was a black panther rally right on top of the entrance to my closest station. I definitely felt a bit panicked. Price wise, it’s the same as any other city.



I rode a taxi a couple of times while in the city. Rates are on par with other cities and traffic isn’t too terrible when driving around outside of rush hour. The taxi ride was only about 15 minutes from the airport to my hotel right within walking distance of all the government buildings.


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