Brassy Kitchen Reno Plans

I’ve been working on my plan for the kitchen reno I’ll be doing next year, and I couldn’t decide what type of fixtures I wanted. I was leaning towards copper until I saw SF Girl By Bay‘s post on brass kitchen fixtures and I knew right away that AMBER WANTED.

Here’s my kitchen as it is now (so boring I couldn’t even find a good pic of it!).


The bar is too high and takes up space and blocks views, the appliances are all white and bottom-grade (and this girl loves cooking) and the countertops are stained an an ugly grey-blue.

My kitchen cabinets are white and I want to keep them that way, but look how the beautiful brass stands out! I want to do the long handle pulls as well (mine are currently boring knobs) and have a tall faucet. Basically, I want *everything* in this photo but the blue-grey bottom cabinets.


(Source: SF Girl By Bay)

I want to also install a tall faucet with a deep farmhouse sink as well. A mix of modern and vintage is what I always like.


(Source: Pinterest)

For the countertops, would marble be too much? I’m wondering if marble countertops would be too much white (and too hard to maintain), as I was originally thinking of something a light light grey or beige, with sparkles of course, like this:


(Source: Pinterest)

I also plan to get rid of the ugly white appliances and will probably go with stainless steel, although I’d kill for a mint Smeg, they don’t make the dual fridge/freezer version for the US 😦


(Source: Pinterest)

They’re a bit small anyways, so I was thinking of a stainless fridge with dual doors the freezer drawer at the bottom, something space-agey if not vintage looking.


(Source: Home Depot)

I plan to knock down our annoyingly high bar that’s behind the sink and make the whole countertop level, which will make it easier to use for both cooking and eating. And some kind of backsplash, although I haven’t decided on classic white subway tile or to go crazy with some gorgeous glass tiles:



(Source: Pinterest)



(Source: Pinterest)



(Source: Pinterest)



(Source: Pinterest)



(Source: Pinterest)

I’m definitely going for a light and bright and girly theme here, if not all white. Would love your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Brassy Kitchen Reno Plans

  1. Nothing wrong with all white and some brass! 🙂 Seems hard to go wrong with that combo! Marble countertops are gorgeous but not as good in the maintenance/durability department. If that’s a concern your best bet would be quartzite or engineered quartz. Love the color on the lower cabinets so I think that would be great. I think going with marble, cement tile, or subway would be great for the backsplash. I tend to stay away from glass unless it’s a larger size like 6×12. Just my 2 cents :). Good luck with your upcoming remodel!

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