Welcome to New York

This post is totally late – but I’ve been super busy at work and haven’t felt too inspired to write. Back in January, I went to NYC to visit one of my longest-known BFFs and to explore this *massive* city for the first time. NYC was a bit overwhelming at times, and I didn’t really have time to explore any museums, buildings or libraries, but instead spent my time walking around the city itself, seeing some amazing sites from the outside. I walked miles and miles and miles everywhere! The only public transport I used was the Long Island Rail (I was staying in Stony Brook, Long Island) and Uber. The weather was freezing cold and grey for most of the trip, but I got back before that huge winter storm hit.

Great Shops

I love shopping while traveling and always run into the issue of suitcase space. This time was no surprise. There were a bunch of stores I loved here!

Flight 001


I’ve been to the store in San Francisco, and I didn’t really need anything, but I still made the two mile hike to Flight 001 – because they’re awesome. I love, love, love looking at travel supplies.



By far the most anticipated and the BEST SHOP EVER. I’ve been obsessed with Birchbox for awhile and loved that I could come in and actually shop all of the products, plus make my own boxes! I made one for myself, my BFF and even my boyfriend (they have a man section). This is definitely a must visit shop.

Purl Soho


I was really looking forward to visiting Purl Soho – they’re the creator of so many awesome patterns and craft kits. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed because it was SO FREAKING CROWDED. I couldn’t even get near the yarn, so I grabbed a kit I’ve been wanting and a small gift for another friend and got the heck out of there.

Jonathan Adler


A pleasant surprise – I love Jonathan Adler‘s designs and just so happened to stumble on one of his stores. If only I could afford that neon sign!


I didn’t go in any buildings, but I did walk to many of them. Here are some of the highlights (I have way too many pics to share!)



Empire State Building


World Trade Center


The weather cleared up for a very, very short time and I was able to take an amazing shot here. It was actually a bit scary to be standing in the spot of so recent and devastating a tragedy.

Last Week Tonight


This was an accidental find! If only John Oliver was standing in that doorway!

Trump Tower



Brooklyn Bridge


Central Park


Central Park Zoo


I must ALWAYS visit the zoo of wherever I’m at.

Battery Park & Statue of Liberty


It was way too cold and windy to go on a boat to see the statue, so I just watched for a bit from a distance.

Wall Street


Times Square


5th Avenue


Where all the very expensive designer stores are located. Don’t even THINK about shopping here. Also, the amazing Library that I wished I had time for.

My next trip (in just a week!) Will be Scotland, Ireland, North England and London. I don’t know how I’ll condense all of that down to one post!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to New York

  1. New York is an amazing place. I’m originally from Long Island. Hopefully I’ll be moving back to the east coast sometime soon. Great post, great pics 🙂 Glad you had a good time. Yay shopping!!

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