Brassy Kitchen Reno Plans

I’ve been working on my plan for the kitchen reno I’ll be doing next year, and I couldn’t decide what type of fixtures I wanted. I was leaning towards copper until I saw SF Girl By Bay‘s post on brass kitchen fixtures and I knew right away thatĀ AMBER WANTED.

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Mid-Century Modern Love

I’ve recently feel in love with Mid-Century Modern dressers and have been looking for the perfect one for my bedroom under this TV nook.

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Bathroom Stripes & Orla Kiely!

Finally getting around to updating this blog! Between over-scheduling myself, spending time with the new (and lovely) boyfriend and taking care of house and home, I’ve had very little time for the extracurricular.

I did, however, FINALLY get the bathroom painted. It still needs a few touch ups and such, that I’m saving for a day when I have nothing to do (that’ll be never). But look how awesome it came out! I always leave this bathroom door open even though it’s in my living room, because I feel like it adds a lot of interest and texture now.

photo 3

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Craft Room & Office Tour

photo 1-1

I promise one of these days I’m going to get a proper camera again, that takes proper photos. Until then, you’ll have to be stuck looking at slightly grainy iPhone photos. Bah!

Anywho, I finally made progress on my office and craft room – at least enough to share with you guys! This is where I spend the majority of my days, either working at the computer desk, or using my new Thunderbolt (that’s 27″!!!) to watch some shows while I working on crafting. I’ve recently decided I wanted *out* of this room when I’m not actually doing client work – but it’s still the main spot for major crafts.

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